Air traffic control

Sitting in the sunshine with a friend, under the watchful eye of the elaborate stained-glass windows of Madonna and child at the Minster, I was paid a visit by an inquisitive, yet slightly bashful local celebrity – and this was not my first rodeo. It is clear she hoped to secure our attention, but weContinue reading “Air traffic control”

Building Connections

Well that went fast. It appears the summer sun just packed her bags and left in the middle of the night! Thankfully, she has left her gentle, younger cousin to encourage and guide our autumnal preparations and gatherings. She is weaker, as she does not get the long performance season of the summer sun who,Continue reading “Building Connections”

The Mighty Canary

It’s funny how slow activities can feel frivolous, indulgent even. I often think that about writing or preparing a service: some things need time to percolate. Perhaps that’s why I relate to #craftivism ‘the art of gentle protest’:  It is a form of activism that seeks to draw in those who may be quieterContinue reading “The Mighty Canary”

Intangible truth

For the past week, I have been thinking about community: not surprising you might think for a Minister! But it would seem the more I am drawn into silence and solitude, the greater my awareness of others- those I seek to serve. There is a mystical element to Jesus, something intangible, yet entirely rooted inContinue reading “Intangible truth”

Children of the stars

It is at this time of year that many of us long to ‘escape’ or dream of somewhere different, other: a holiday. Yet now it’s normal to hear the stress of booking some time away (both in the UK and overseas). Costs are high, guidance is ever changing, and uncertainty looms large over our idea’sContinue reading “Children of the stars”

Hopeful Shadows

Like many people I enjoy the process of writing or jotting down my thoughts and find it beneficial in my spiritual journey. As a visual person I am not only affected by my immediate environment, but, also in the innumerable photographs I take along the way. As many of you know It was one ofContinue reading “Hopeful Shadows”